Friday, October 16, 2009

Beyond Crompton: Scarbinsky's Lambs and Lions

Kevin Scarbinsky, not exactly the Georgia Bulldog's biggest fan, attempts to demonstrate he can simultaneously muckrake and ass kiss on par with the Finebaums and Bianchis of the world. BUI is getting a special place on the "Journo" Wall of Shame ready for this front-running sycophant.
Scarbinsky: The more you look at Mark Richt, the more he looks like Tubs | Scarblog - (h/t Mr. SEC)
If perception is reality, Richt is to Meyer as Tuberville was to Nick Saban as the lamb is to the lion. Sooner or later, the lamb is lunch.

That’s unfair to Richt and Tuberville. You don’t win as many SEC games as they’ve won without inner strength. But Tuberville didn’t have the stomach to break up the beloved core of his staff, and Richt seems headed for a similar crossroads with his coordinators.

Will his heart let heads roll? And has anyone else noticed that Georgia hasn’t quite been the same since Neil Callaway left for UAB?

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