Sunday, October 18, 2009

Win Over Commodores Calms Bulldog Nation

The Georgia Bulldogs got back in the win column yesterday against Vanderbilt by a score of 34-10. They may have even found themselves in the football desert of Vanderbilt's campus. The Dawg's last scoring drive was a thing of beauty, something we have not seen since the opening drive of the season.

With a bye-week, the win was crucial for morale, but it was not the kind of dominating performance Georgia's talent level should provide. Plenty of coachable moments will present themselves in today's film session.

The defense played a very strong game. Vandy was able to expose our weaknesses at times, such as their first possession of the second half. Overall, when the right personnel was on the field, the defense was sound and respectable.

Offensively, Georgia is still finding their way. Joe Cox continues to throw into coverage, whether that is a product of poor decision making or Joe just trying to give his guy a chance to make a play is anybody's guess. I certainly hope, no matter how talented Orson Charles is, that Joe will not be throwing into triple coverage in Jacksonville.

The running game got going in the second half. Regular readers will know that I attribute this to sticking with the run. Bobo kept calling running plays and we eventually wore down the Commodores. Just as important were the types of runs. We ran right at them mroe than we have. There were still too many running plays from the shotgun for my liking, but the Dawgs lined up in the I-formation more than they have in previous games and imposed their will on Vandy.

With the exception of the kick out of bounds late int he first half, special teams were great. Okay, add Logan Gray's return to the out of bounds kick on the negative side. Vandy blocked a 57 yard field goal attempt but was flagged for cheating (illegal jumping) and Walsh hit the 42 yarder. With those three exceptions, special teams were in deed special.

Overall, a win is a win, and this win takes a little heat off going into the bye-week and the Cocktail Party.

Bobo to the sidelines
I liked the move. Mike Bobo seemed to have his troops a little more focused and a lot less confused. Perhaps he realized he had been throwing too much at them and was forced to simplify. There were also no drives where the sole purpose was to attain balance. There was, however, a down side, AJ Green only touched the ball three times.

3 receptions for AJ Green
He may have only had three receptins, but they all further demonstrated just how special AJ really is. The last 2 were beautiful 15 yard outs that went for first downs. You can watch football all day Sunday and not see a receiver run that route any better. AJ's first catch was the one everybody will be talking about. He took a hitch route and imposed his will on the Vandy defense for the next 65 yards with only the goal line capable of stopping him.

More Rambo?
Like  a broken record, Mark Richt has repeated his claim thge Baccari Rambo deserves more playing time. I may be wrong, but Rambo didn't really play that much in the first half. It was noticeable everytime Vandy was moving the ball.

Princely on punt returns
Prince Miller was fantastic on punt returns. He was so good that I suggest he be rested more. Coach Martinez needs to sacrifice some of Prince's playing time at corner for the good of the return game. Who knows, it may also help to produce more punts by the opponent.

It was Vandy
From the "All Things Are Relative" department comes this report card piece by Roger Clarkson. Roger hands out all "b"'s and a "b-" for the passing game. I am happy to get the win, but I don't believe that was a legitimate "B" performance. I believe Mr. Clarkson's standards have slipped in the last month.

What might have been
For 57 minutes of the Arkansas-Florida game, the Razorbacks at Florida on the ropes. Enter SEC Officials, yes the same SEC officials that protected LSU in Athens, and Florida escapes with a three point win on a field goal with 15 seconds to play.  Florida's game tying drive in the 4th quarter was added by to unbelievable calls. Mike Slive is the Don King of college football. That is all I am saying.

Had Arkansas held on (not been jobbed) Georgia would be in control of their SEC destiny this morning. I have said it before, and I will say it again. If you buy your insurance fram an SEC official, get a new agent!

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Hunker Down said...

Love your plan to rest our talented punt returner and to find a way to get Rambo more snaps - like 55-60 snaps per game. Have you submitted your resume for DC?