Sunday, October 25, 2009

Florida Week is Here

Let's hope it looks this way when the clock hits zero!

The Georgia Bulldogs appear to have bounced off the bottom that was Knoxville. Did the Florida Gators bottom in Starkville, or will their unimpressive trend continue?

With The Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide occupying the top two spots in college football the only thing we can be certain of is that the Southeastern Conference has a vested interest in protecting these two flawed teams.

I am not going to get into the replay on Florida's touchdown against Mississippi State except to say, even a replay will not deter the SEC from making bad calls that favor the "chosen".

When the Dawgs and Gaytors tee it off in Jacksonville it will be eleven against eighteen. Close calls will break the Gaytors way. There will be flags thrown for reasons unknown outside of the conference offices in Birmingham.  Apologies will come on Monday.

So be it. Accept this, Dawgs. Know it. Use it as motivation. Understand nothing but the most complete effort, physical and mental, will get the job done.

The Gators have a very strong defense and a big play offense. However, the past two straight weeks, they counted on the other team losing, they counted on the officials, they did everything but win the game for themselves.

Will we beat ourselves? Will we allow the officials to steal another from us?

Sure Tebow can be counted on to pick up four plus one from the spot, almost every time he runs it. But the blows he suffers are taking their toll. His decision making gets worse with every hit hit receives. If we keep hitting him, he will give us the ball.

Yep, Rainey and Demps are fast, but Smith and Boykin can match their speed. Riley Cooper is wily, he cheats and he gets away with it, but Reshad Jones can handle him. Moody is a fumble waiting to happen.

The key will be the tight-end. The name does not matter, it hasn't mattered all year. Every tight end we have faced has hurt us. Willie Martinez and John Jancek must figure this out for it is the only match up we have not displayed an answer for.

The Gators defense is tough. We are going to have to find a way to sustain drives. We have the big play potential to score, but we have to find a way to control the ball. Patience will be the key. Patience with the running game. The patience needed to shorten the game and keep our defense fresh.

Special Teams will be a factor and we must not overlook them. Special Teams have been a huge factor in the Gators unblemished record. We must be "special" in this phase of the game, every aspect of it.

The Gators can be had. I have a great feeling about our chances. What do you think?


Bernie said...

I think we trample on their dignity and expose their ranking for the travesty that it is.

genxdawg said...

I too have a good feeling. I have many thoughts that I hope to get to later this week and for now, I'll say just I agree with you on the special teams aspect of the game. The DAWGS can and must win this aspect of the game.

Oh yeah. I could not believe that INT replay call in last night's game. That play should have been reversed even without the split-screen freeze frame. Geesh.

Moggs said...

We must be "special" in this phase of the game, every aspect of it.

But please not be the "special" that we have been all in the Olympic style.

MikeInValdosta said...

We are going to take an outboard motor to their noses and slice them apart! The game warden (SEC official) can't save 'them!

AuditDawg said...

I wish I shared your optimism. I certainly wish for the best, but I've seen funny things happen in Jacksonville that are just inexplicable that cost the Dawgs games over the last decade. Nothing we've done or that Florida has done this season leads me to believe that the ghosts of Jacksonville past won't show up to haunt our hopes and dreams. Here's hoping the Dawgs can overcome those ghosts and pull one out over the Gators.