Friday, October 23, 2009

The Coaches Admit BUI was Right about Curles

My "silly" little campaign against the Southeastern Conference officiating has brought me much scorn. As a flawed Southern Baptist I was all too willing to accept this ridicule. A conspiracy theorist I have been called. The Main Stream Media has sought to protect their golden goose.  I have my faults, and I will have to answer for them, but on this I was not wrong. Evil doers have the more keen eye to the ways of evil.

There are those that feast at the breast of corruption and there is I. There is ESPN and CBS and there is BUI. BUI profits not from the SEC's television and digital media contracts. BUI only profits from the fair play of amateur student athletes pouring their hearts out on the gridiron. BUI profits from the best team winning.

As painful as it is, BUI must recognize Florida's coach, Urban Meyer, for acknowledging the evil the SEC media deals have wrought. We, the fans of Southeastern Conference Football, deserve better, and to Mike Slive, we say no temporary suspension of the pawns in your rigging of games will suffice.

Mike Slive, you have sold our soul? Marc Curles can not be that incompetent, he must have been acting on your orders. You won the big contract. ESPN and CBS and the ratings analyst now own us. Do no more damage. Step down now, please.


Arkansas' Petrino reprimanded for publicly criticizing officials - NCAA Football -
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino has been reprimanded by the Southeastern Conference after publicly criticizing officials who worked his team's loss to Florida last weekend.
The league announced its action Thursday night, a day after saying the officiating crew from the Razorbacks' 23-20 loss would be suspended. The officials came under scrutiny after a personal foul call on Arkansas' Malcolm Sheppard in the fourth quarter. The league said there was no video evidence to support the call.
Petrino has been critical of the officials, although the league didn't specify which comments earned the reprimand.
Meyer says SEC right in suspending officials - NCAA Football -
GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida coach Urban Meyer thinks the Southeastern Conference was right to suspend an officiating crew after its second controversial call of the year.
Referee Marc Curles' crew called a personal foul on Arkansas defensive lineman Malcolm Sheppard in the fourth quarter as the Gators were rallying for a 23-20 victory last weekend. The league said Wednesday there was no video evidence to support the call.
• SEC suspends crew | Petrino | Dodd: Nation overreacts
The same group of officials called the LSU-Georgia game earlier this month, which included a late unsportsmanlike conduct penalty the league said shouldn't have been called.
SEC commissioner Mike Slive said the crew would be pulled from its next scheduled assignment Oct. 31 and won't work again until Nov. 14. Bowl assignments could also be impacted.
"If that's the right thing to do, then they did it," Meyer said Thursday. "I don't know all the ins and outs ... [but] I have great confidence in the head dog."
Slive said the entire crew shoulders responsibility for each play, and said the suspension was necessary to maintain accountability among officials.
"Our institutions expect the highest level of officiating in all of our sports and it is the duty of the conference office to uphold that expectation," he said.
SEC associate commisioner Charles Bloom said it is the first time the league has publicly suspended a football crew in this type of situation, the only decision that Meyer questioned.
"Why would you do that?" he said. "I don't understand that part."
Also on Thursday, the league said it had reprimanded Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino for publicly criticizing the officials.

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