Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mark Richt the Recruiter

There are many reasons high school football players commit, and remain committed, to the Georgia Bulldogs. Chief among them, Mark Richt, a man whose word is his bond.

There are coaches in the SEC that will offer anybody and everybody, only to later rescind their offer as signing day nears. To these coaches, see Houston Nutt, these young men are nothing more than commodities, raw assets to be plugged into their football factories and discarded when their usefulness has been spent.

That is not the case at Georgia. When a recruit signs with Georgia, he joins a family. As head of that family, Mark Richt serves as the father and invest himself in these young men. The dividends paid to the Bulldog Nation extend far beyond the football field.

Many of us, especially yours truly, should keep this in mind as we debate his handling of the coaching staff.

Case in point:
Benedict's injury doesn't cool Bulldogs' interest |
Despite a season-ending knee injury, Bolles offensive tackle Brent Benedict still has a college home with the Georgia Bulldogs.

Benedict, ranked by as the 41st overall player in the nation, has been assured by the Georgia coaching staff that the Bulldogs are still happy to have him.

"They called and told us not to worry, that his scholarship was still good," said Ed Benedict, Brent's father. "They said it's not even a consideration, so don't give it any thought."

Benedict suffered the non-contact injury while running down the field to celebrate a touchdown in Bolles' 68-0 win over Yulee last Friday.

He tore his anterior cruciate ligament, his posterior cruciate ligament, meniscus and hamstring.

To relieve pain caused by pressure on a nerve from swelling, Benedict might have two surgeries to correct the injury. He is scheduled to meet with noted orthopedist James Andrews on Thursday in Pensacola.

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