Monday, November 2, 2009

Think Before you Tweet, Bulldog Nation

The Georgia Bulldogs' football team loses a game. Some in the Bulldog Nation lose their mind.

If you want to fire Mark Richt, I say you are crazy, but that type of criticism comes with the multi-million dollar contract. It is the nature of the beast.

If you, however, feel that losing a game entitles you to publicly ridicule our players via Twitter, mentioning their twitter account to ensure they see it, well you are a twisted individual and should find a new team to support. We don't need you, and Jeff Owens, Mike Moore, Rashad Jones, and all of the players with the guts to tweet about their experience as Georgia Bulldogs sure as hell don't need you.

To those of you that feel it is your place to make yourself feel a little better by tearing down a college student on Twitter please ask yourself a few questions.

What have you ever done in your life to garner so much public attention?

How many people really care about your performance?

In the grand scheme of things, do you really matter?

Would you have done any better?

If you are honest, the answers are: nada, nada, nope, nope.


Alan Ashley said...

Personally I think I may just stay off twitter during the games. Because I know the way we have been playing it is going to be tough to say anything nice, except good punt and nice FG and great touchback.

With only those 3 areas in favorable light, that means that the coaches and players are not performing up to the standard that has been the history of UGA. And not to start calling folks out will be a tough assignment, even for the nicest of persons in the Dawg Nation.

MikeInValdosta said...

Lord knows I should practice what I preach, Alan. I have sat in the stands and tweeted some things I would love to take back.

I did a tweet search on Jeff Owens mentions. I could not believe some of what was sent his way by Dawg "fans". I know it wasn't a majority, but I can't imagine what Jeff must have felt reading them. Just horrible.

Rex Robinson said...

I have a feeling you may have seen how I felt about the direct criticisms leveled at players on Twitter. If you did not, I'm sort of glad. I usually don't even talk like that in private much less for the world to see.

I am disappointed in plenty of areas, both coaches and players, but I'm not their dad or coach. It's not my place to put them on blast.

MikeInValdosta said...

I know I have done it, and I am trying to stop. But these people were sending them directly to the players.

As for normal criticism, I am trying to take the attitude that the coaches have the best guys out there. If they are not as good as their opponent, they are not as good. I can't fault them for that.

I can, however, fault the coaches for not having the best players on the field, or not having the players prepared to play sound, fundamental football.

Alan Ashley said...

Mike, I think the thought process of we have the best guys out there may be correct, but the issue is the best guys are not being coached. At this point in the season, the mistakes still being made are one of two things (IMHO). 1) coaches are not coaching or 2) the players don't get it, which falls back to coaching.

These are on both sides of the ball. I firmly believe in the past we had talent to overcome poor coaching and execution. Now that we are "Average", the faults are glaring.

Randy Powers said...

Thanks for this. Extremely well stated and fully supported.

gene said...

I don't tweet and would prolly just embarrass myself if I did. I'm disgusted that anyone would take it upon themselves to negatively criticize an amateur college athlete publicly. Did these people have no up-snatchin'? Were they raised with wolves? I am 53 years old and still afraid my mother would box my ears for doing something like this in public. Seriously tho, these kids deserve nothing less than our our constant support and cheers. If you're doing anything else you need to take a good long look in the mirror.