Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Bowl or Not to Bowl

The Georgia Bulldogs are four and four with four to play. Two is the magic number. The Bulldogs have to win two in order to become bowl eligible.

The schedule reads Tennessee Tech, Auburn, Kentucky and the propeller heads. Winning two, unfortunately, is no given at this point.

Given that the ball "hasn't bounced our way" and our coaches are not tracking how the ball bounces as a statistic, I am quite concerned. With so much riding on how the ball bounces, I am afraid the randomness of it all doesn't bode well for us.

Seriously, when a staff is citing stats on the direction of bouncing footballs, the same staff that calls for directional kicks, what are we to think?

Black pants and hats are needed to fire a team up to play their biggest conference rival. Huh?

Perhaps the most consistent offensive player no named AJ Green is benched for missing a block. The quarterback that is zero for sunlight and has thrown a pick in every game, three against Florida, is set to take the field on what is sure to be a sunny day this Saturday. Make sense?

Baccari Rambo did not start and was not in the game for either of Florida's first two possessions. Florida's first punt was ironically on Rambo's first defensive series. Coincidence?

None of this inspires much confidence. Especially with so much riding on these final four games. Yes, Auburn and the Hex Heads are two of our biggest and oldest rivals, but six wins is everything at this point. We must get bowl eligible.

The Dawgs need the practice. Our young quarterbacks needs the practice. Without those weeks of bowl practice, the Georgia Bulldogs will get a month less preparation for 2010 than our rivals.

Maybe I am already moving on to 2010, perhaps it is best this way. I look at these last 4 as an opportunity to get another month of practice. That is the prize.

Failure to win two only gives us an extra month a ball bouncing analysis.

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Anonymous said...

Unless we win out I'd rather not go to bowl quite frankly, I think Bowl Games should be reserved for teams that are actually good and beat someone of consequence during the year, unless we win out I don't think we'll meet this standard and I'd rather stay home.