Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Full Contact Tuesday: Game 2

A day at the beach was good for BUI. No internet, no Dawgs, just a nice day in the sun with plenty of happy children and some excellent go-kart racing.

Before we move on to the conference opener I have a few final thoughts on Stillwater to share.
  • We are 6-4 in our last ten games.
  • There were many, many empty seats, that would have never happened in Athens.
  • The performance was poor, but the effort was good. That was encouraging.
  • The fanbase is being fanatical, that is to be expected. The faithful are NOT calling for Richt's head, those that are have more serious problems than Georgia football and are just projecting.
  • My prayers are with Trinton.
  • The lockerroom and team chemistry/unity may not be all that we were told. After reading Hale's tome grading the OSU game I am very concerned. A great deal of "finger pointing" is going on. The quotes Hale provides are simply scary.  
  • "Coach Ball is in the box, so he doesn't have direct contact with us, and he didn't realize that until the end of the game," Moore said. "We didn't know what the rotation was going to be like and we basically stuck with just the three guys." 
    "I'm not sure why we didn't sub some other people in," Cox said. "That's not my decision. Whatever reason Coach Bobo and the other coaches did that for, you'd have to ask them."
    "With some of the things they were doing on defense, our playcalling was more limited that what we thought coming into the game," White said. "We have a lot more that we could throw out there. I feel like a lot of our weapons on offense weren't completely utilized to their potential."
  • There are many, many more quotes like these in all the papers, basically players pointing fingers at coaches. I can't ever remeber this happening before.
Enough with all that. Let's get the grease heated up so we can fry us some chicken.

My how absence makes the heart grow fonder. Just not too sure that 20 carriers was anywhere near "too much". I just hope we have some coaches paying attentino to the substitution rotation. Caleb King expected to play against Gamecocks | Blogs.OnlineAthens.com
“I think it will be a tremendous blessing for us to get Caleb back and help Richard with the amount of volume he’s getting,” Richt said on his weekly call-in show. “He had 20 carries. I don’t know if that was too much or not.”
Samuel rushed for 89 yards in his first college start.
King began the preseason atop the depth chart, but missed more than three weeks of practice before returning on Sunday.
“He looked good,” Richt said. “I saw nothing in his gait that would make me feel like he was holding anything back. I actually saw him before practice and he said he was ready to go, he was going to play this week. We have no limitations on him in practice tomorrow other than if you give him too many reps, sometimes they’ll fatigue and when you fatigue is when you might re-pull an injury like that.”
For all the questioning of Caleb's King's mental state, I certainly hope he is back and feels appreciated.

For various reasons, all of the "border wars" are extremely important to me. This week's contest brings about a family feud situation. My Uncle and his children are Gamecocks. Last Thursday's game was the first time the Gamecocks competed in football without his presence in over 25 years. Get well soon, we will miss you this weekend.

I haven't found a lot of information on the UGA-USC game yet, most people are still "digesting" the crow we were served in Stillwater. Hope to have more soon. I for one am ready to turn my attentino to the Food Lion Footballers.

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