Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still Hungover, but Getting Cocky

As we begin preparations for the big Chicken Fry Saturday night, the hangover from Stillwater just will not go away. I am really trying to work on my attitude, after all that is the only thing I have any control of. It is difficult, to be sure. I take back my tweet from the T-Bone, I will not be referring to Joe Cox as "Joe T 4".  That was over the top and I apologize.

I really cannot complain too much about the players. They played hard. They tackles well, and the blocking did not look that bad. Sure they dropped too many passes, but haven't we grown accustomed to that over the years? The coaching leaves me befuddled.

I fully support this coaching staff and know that we are lucky to have them. They had a bad game, an awful game, in two of the three facets of football. The defense looked really good. A 53 yard field goal and some lengthy punts, however aided by bounces and rolls, were bright spots, too.

But the head is still pounding.

Assessments like this one do not help.
Richt sees Gamecocks' speed on display | GoGamecocks
“Definitely, I think Joe will be sharper as we go,” Richt said. “But overall I think he played a pretty decent ballgame. It wasn’t anything to sit there and say he was spectacular by any means, but he was solid.”
Then comes news that the man that would be facing Trinton was named SEC defensive lineman of the week. When it rains it pours.
Call is right for USC's Taylor | GoGamecocks
Stepping in for the suspended Clifton Geathers, Taylor had a debut for the ages. In addition to setting up the only touchdown in the Gamecocks’ 7-3 win with the forced fumble and blocking the punt, Taylor finished with six tackles and led USC with three tackles for loss.

The redshirt freshman was named the SEC defensive lineman of the week.
This shouldn't be as big a challenge as Dez Bryant was, especially with Garcia pulling the trigger for the 'Cocks. Still, the size advantage they have over our DBs is great cause for concern.
Press conference report: LeCorn could return at Georgia | GoGamecocks
South Carolina could be getting a key piece of its passing game back this weekend.

Dion LeCorn, expected to be a starting receiver before breaking his leg on the final play of the spring game, has been practicing this week and hopes to play Saturday against Georgia.

USC coach Steve Spurrier said LeCorn, a possession receiver with 41 career catches, has looked good running in practice. In addition to LeCorn, freshman receiver Alshon Jeffery has moved up the depth chart and is currently working as the backup to starter Tori Gurley at one of the Gamecocks’ three receiver spots.
I predict a fairly gloomy week here at BUI. Expereince tells me the best cure for this type of ailment is a little "hair of the Dawg", unfortunately the bar does not open until 7 pm Saturday night.

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